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Editor’s Choice: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Editor’s Choice: Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

February 23, 2021

Today we are looking at the Xiaomi TV Stick, here at Trendy Hunting we test it out and see how it worked and we found the device a great way to meet all our media needs. What did we love so much about this device? We will give you an in depth explanation of how it works and why we enjoyed it so much.

Perfect For Carrying Around

Sometimes we want to take things on the go, in our busy lives we may not have enough space to carry big and bulky objects when we are off traveling but we still want to have our entertainment that we watch at home. The Xiaomi TV Stick is lightweight and portable which means that you can simply plug in and watch wherever you want. We tried this when we were traveling across the country to check into our hotel, then watch all of our favorite shows on the hotel TV just as we would at home.

Connecting Devices Seamlessly

In an ideal world everything would be easy and wireless. The Xiaomi TV Stick has its built-in Smart Cast which means you are able to easily cast videos and other content from your phone, tablet or laptop straight to your TV in HD Quality. We found this to be a great feature when we wanted to show some fun videos that were on our phone to a big group of people. We found it very useful being able to have our videos enlarged on a TV so easily.

Smart Bluetooth Remote

When we think of a remote, we normally think of navigating through menus using buttons, but the Xiaomi TV Stick’s Remote is different. With this remote you can use the built in Google Assistant to take you directly to what you want with a voice command. This certainly saved us at Trendy Hunting a lot of time when we just wanted to watch a highly recommended movie from our friends. We also played about with the feature by asking things like the weather and we certainly find it to be a great addition to the device.

Compatible With Android TV

All the above features are great and they only get better with it’s Android TV compatibility. You are able to enhance these experiences with Android TV that seamlessly integrates itself within the TV set by allowing you to use video streaming services and play android games with ease. We had a quick go with the features and could use many different apps we use on a regular basis and can switch between streaming services with ease so we can have all the subscriptions that we are subscribed to on this one little device.

Our Final Thoughts

After getting our hands on this and giving it a try, we are more than happy to recommend this as the perfect device to sit back and relax with the family by watching some of your favorite shows or movies. We were able to complete every task with ease thanks to the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and was easy to carry around so every feature of the device was available for us to use whenever we wanted to use it. Because of this the TV stick is able to turn any TV, monitor, or projector into a smart TV whenever you want,meaning you can have access to the same entertainment whatever TV you use.