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How To Have The Perfect Chinese New Year

How To Have The Perfect Chinese New Year

February 07, 2021

Chinese New Year is a special time for many people. It is a week-long celebration in China that focuses on seeing distant family members and spending quality time together. If you have plans and would like to make them a little more special or experience it for the first time from afar, we have some great ideas for you.

Talking About The Year That’s Past

To share a cup of tea is an important pastime in China. It’s an opportunity for friends and family to catch up and talk about recent events. The Cultural Mini Tea Set by Pertouch is deeply rooted in paying homage to Chinese history, making it great for continuing this tradition from China. 

Having Fun With The Family

While you have the family gathered around for this special occasion, you might want to take advantage of the situation by having a bit of fun with some table games. The Doramon Mini Majong Set is a twist on the traditional Chinese game that adds extra fun for the whole family at all ages, and it’s a great opportunity for the older generation to teach the newer generations about this game.


Showing Your Parents Care

Your parents have probably had a very busy or tiring year so this could be the perfect time to show them some heartfelt love and care by getting them a gift that can help them relax. The Yunmai Pro Basic is a great massage tool that can be used by your parents after a busy day to help them unwind and relax, a gift that is sure to be treasured by your parents.

Spending Quality Time With Siblings

It can also be a good chance to enjoy some quality time with your brothers or sisters. You may want to spend this time having some fun to remind you of some good childhood memories. The 8BitDo Arcade Stick can turn you into kids again for a few hours while you as well as showing off a little competitive spirit.

8BitDo Arcade Stick


Relaxing With The Family

Sit back and relax with the family by watching some of your favorite shows or movies with ease thanks to the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. With this TV stick you can turn any TV, monitor, or projector into a smart TV! 




Changing Up Your Style This New Year

Change up and show off some of your new styles this year with some of these exciting things we have. Such as our cool chinese Skateboard Stickers when you are outside, or a Warbie Squishy to decorate your room and relieve stress, or getting a RELX Classic Kit Sticker to bring a little extra style to your vaping experience.

Chinese New Year is an exciting time of the year and a great chance to prepare yourself for the whole year ahead of you. So be sure to have a very happy New Year and use this time for a happy family gathering.