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About VapeVale

About VapeVale

April 15, 2020

About VapeVale

VapeVale is an online store dedicated to provide you with advance electronic cigarettes and the next generation of vaping equipment. Offering only the most modern production techniques and presenting you with the innovative devices.

VapeVale & RELX

VapeVale is an authorized dealer of RELX and provides consumers with official RELX products. All products from VapeVale are directly sourced from the official manufacturers whilst we aim to ensure the best consumer experience for all of our products.

RELX products combine stylish modern designs with cutting edge technology to provide you with the best electronic cigarettes and vape pens online.

What VapeVale provides:
1. Same level of dedication to innovative vape products
2. Free shipping on orders over $90.
3. 60 days return policy and 1 year product warranty
4. Online Customer Support, reach out us whenever you need help at:


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