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New Arrivals: Big Xiaomi Bang

New Arrivals: Big Xiaomi Bang

January 20, 2021

Hey Trendy Hunters,

We have some big arrivals to our website, with a big wave of incoming Xiaomi products now available for purchase. Here are just a few of the items that are available for you to get your hands on:

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

We had the opportunity to try it out for ourselves and we found it to be the perfect addition to our wrist while we are outside living life or inside getting ourselves ready. The Xiaomi Band 5 helped me to keep track of my daily exercise routine with the various fitness modes including running, jumping rope, swimming and cycling so that I could always stay on track no matter how big or small those targets were. It also includes a high capacity battery, meaning that the device can run for up to 14 days and its large 1.1 inch dynamic color display with approximately a 20% extra display area makes it easy to navigate through the settings.

Xiaomi Haylou Solar Smart Watch

After giving this device a try we can see why this is a great companion with your smartphone, with features like “find phone” and “music control” you can seamlessly control your smartphone from the comfort of your wrist. It has a number of features that make it a top quality device like a Metal body with a dustproof and waterproof rating of IP68, large capacity battery that can last 15 days and sci sleeping management that can track your regular sleep cycle.

Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger

We tried this out while having a quick spin in our car and it turned out to be a very useful device. It has a built in infrared sensor that locks your phone in place and strong wireless 20W charging so you are able to charge your phone the same time as you mount it. This makes it perfect for using your phone as a GPS when driving your car around the city.  

Xiaomi Mi 2 in 1 USB Cable

Here at Trendy Hunting we alway manage to lose the charging cable that comes with our devices and we do not really want to buy unreliable cheap cables from the dollar store. Luckily Xiaomi provided the perfect alternative with the capability of charging both Micro USB and Type C USB devices, meaning it has you covered for more devices.

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