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RELX Infinity Pod System Review

RELX Infinity Pod System Review

July 14, 2020

The RELX Infinity pod system is the latest from what is turning out to be one of the fastest-growing vape brands of the moment. RELX Infinity is the first RELX device to feature a compatible charging case.

What to Expect from the RELX Infinity Pod System

Their recent Reddot Award for product design is a good start for an all brand new device.

RELX infinity

The Infinity is named as such as it is designed to offer infinite taste, utility and convenience. It has a host of features for what looks on the outside to be a basic pod system.

The kit comes with 1.9ml pre-filled pods, a 380mAh battery, type C fast charging and what RELX call SuperSmooth technology. This is said to provide a smooth, velvety vape that will be similar to smoking.

It also comes with a charging case, so you can charge you vape on the go. While not included in the kit itself we will cover that below. Charge case for the Infinity pod mod

The Key RELX Infinity Features:

380mAh Battery

Fast Charging

1.9ml Tank Capacity

SuperSmooth Technology

Automatic (Draw activated)

Magnetic pod/battery connection

Leak-Resistant with Maze technology

Portable charge case – Available to purchase separately

Available in 3 colours – Red | Silver | Black

Design and Build Quality

The RELX Infinity fits into the lightweight pod category with an Aluminum Unibody construction.

RELX infinity has definitely been designed to be portable without feeling like you have a small rock in your pocket. It’s all rounded edges, smooth to touch and houses the USB-C port on the base as well as 2 inset charging connectors either side that allows the pod mod to click into the charging case.

We have the RELX branding on one side, a couple of small airflow holes on either edge of the body and a small round light on one side. This lights up as you vape and indicates your battery level.

White LED – Regular Use

Red Slow Flash – Low power

Red light flashes 10 times – No power

RELX Pro Pods

Now the kit doesn’t come with a pod included so you will have to add these to your order. Not ideal but the good news is the actual Infinity pod system is well priced. Leak-resistant RELX Infinity pods

Although I do always like to see at least one pod included to get you going. At least this way you can choose your flavour from the get-go and not be tied to tobacco or menthol if that’s not your thing.

What’s In The Box:

RELX Infinity Mod (Battery)

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

1 X User Manual

RELX Infinity kit contents

RELX infinity



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