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Different Types of Vapes? Which Is Best For You?

November 16, 2020

There are a lot of types of vaping, so it can be overwhelming to decide which one to start. Don't worry, today we can break down all the questions one by one, let's start from the types of vapes.

-Pod System

What is a Pod System in Vaping?

Pod systems, also called vape pods, pod vapes and pod mods; are the newest generation of vaping products.

Pros of pod system vape:

The compact design and easy useability make it popular for new vapers. A pod system typically consists of a pod that you fully replace once the coil is burnt out and you don't need to do any adjustments about the power. You just need to change the pods with your favorite flavor or fill it up with your preferred liquid juice, turn it on and then you are good to go. For a starter, the pod system vape is easier to use and cheaper than most other types of vape. In addition, since the pod system tends to be low powered which also means low consumption.

Cons of pod system vape:

With the compact design , the battery life will be compromised in the pod system. But now many brands minimize the output power to counteract this issue which makes the battery life roughly last for a day to meet your needs. And with the low power feature, the vape production will be less accordingly. And if you don't mind that, it also means a little compact discreet vape.

-Vape Mods

What Vape Mods(Box Mods)?

Mods or box mods are the pinnacle of customization while more complicated while it can be paired with nearly any atomizer on the market. Vape Mods are larger devices than pod systems, and are known for their high vapor production. This kind of device takes its cue from a regular vape pen, but is enhanced (or modified, hence the ‘Mod’ name) to include certain advanced features.

Pros of vape mods:

Unlike pod systems, vape mods come with tanks as reservoirs for e-juice with most vapers opting to blend or prepare their own e-liquids to achieve their preferred tastes. Also, vape mods are more customizable, vapers can easily adjust the power and temperature of the device compared to pods. Vape Mods offer enhanced performance for these advanced vapers and allows them to experiment. If you want an advanced experience, then box mod is a good option.

Cons of vape mods:

Unlike pod systems which feature auto-firing mod – auto-draw gadgets with basic settings – the vape mods feature a firing button that must be pressed every time you want to take a puff which increases the complexity of using. For someone who is super new to vaping, box mods might not be for you. They take a little more time to get to know and have a direct to lung pull, which isn’t like smoking. 


What is the AIO Vape System?

An AIO is an all in one vaping device that consists of a battery and a refillable pod. In other words, the battery and the pod are combined together into a small and compact vaping device.These devices are easily mixed with pod system devices because they all have a pod within the device, but the difference here is that with an AIO you would need to change the coil when it gets burned or unusable instead of replacing the pod. 

Pros of AIO Vape System

AIOs come with replaceable coils instead of cartridges. This means that the user only needs to change the coil when its performance drops, without having to purchase a new pod, also most AIO have adjusted wattage to dial in your perfect vape. AIO Vape System blends the best parts of pod system and vape mod, it features with compact design and also enables you to enjoy advanced vape experience.

Cons of AIO Vape System

pods are easier to use and require very little maintenance compared with AIO devices. Since it is the middle ground of the previous two, it is not as easy to use as the pod system one nor its performance as  advanced as vape mod one.


Pod systems are perfect for anyone looking up to quit smoking and want something familiar in terms of user experience. The small compact size paired with low vapor output make it a great contender for a first device.

Box mods are for those looking to get giant vapor clouds or want more variety to their set up while sacrificing portability.

AIO typically is a middle ground between the previous two, providing adequate performance while keeping the compact design.

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