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Is RELX better than cigarettes?

Is RELX better than cigarettes?

August 04, 2020

Vaping has long been a popular replacement for traditional cigarettes, which are harmful for a bunch of reasons. Nowadays, much research has shown that it is pretty much a fact that vaping is the better option. But how exactly better? Today, let us look at RELX vs cigarette to see how vaping excels over traditional tobacco. 


 What’s the difference between RELX vaping and smoking cigarettes?

The difference between smoking cigarettes and RELX is that smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, which can cause smoking-related illnesses, and RELX can deliver nicotine by heating a liquid in a much less harmful way.

The term vaping, however, describes the use of a smoke-free product that forms  a vapor tt is inhaled by a consumer. Instead of burning tobacco, RELX found several ways to produce a flavorfulha nicotine-containing vapor that a consumer can inhale, but that has significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals than cigarettes. 


Is RELX better than cigarettes?  

Smoking, as we all know, can cause lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease and other serious diseases but these don’t usually develop until you’ve been smoking for decades. 

Smoke contains many particulates (solid, gaseous, and liquid) that result from combustion. When any substance hits auto-ignition temperature, combustion occurs and the substance catches fire. Since combustion is a series of quick-fire and turbulent chemical reactions, it leaves behind a significant number of toxic by-products.

In fact, smoke contains a staggering 4000 chemicals with cigarette smoke tainted by no less than 7000 discrete chemicals. Among these unsavory toxins, there are 250 chemicals known to be damaging including carcinogens. Almost 70 chemicals in cigarette smoke are linked to cancer.

So, many of the health risks linked to smoking are a direct result of combustion. Whatever you light up, that smoke will contain toxins. And when what you’re lighting is as poisonous as a cigarette, it’s not good news to start polluting your lungs with the result.

The tobacco in cigarettes is not left in its natural state. Instead, it’s treated with chemicals so the nicotine absorbs more rapidly and the tobacco burns quicker. From a sales standpoint, the faster cigarettes burn and the faster nicotine is introduced, the more cigarettes people will smoke. This is the core reason ammonia is used in cigarettes. While obviously not healthy to consume, ammonia speeds up nicotine absorption in the brain.

The main difference between cigarettes and RELX is that there’s no tobacco in vape juice.

While this is clearly an advantage, tobacco is far from the only rogue component of cigarettes. See above for the thousands of chemicals that also come to the fore when combustion takes place.

According to the Royal College of Physicians, e-cigarettes are vastly safer than traditional ones. This is because there is no smoke, ash, or tar resulting from burning the tobacco inside cigarettes. Studies have shown the negative health effects of smoke and tar, ranging from oral degradation to circulation and lung-related conditions.


Is RELX harmless?

RELX is not harmless, but it is greatly less harmful than traditional cigarette. To break bad smoking habit, RELX is the perfect alternative to cigarette smokingIf you're a smoker, switching to vape is a good choice. But if you never smoke, then you should better not try vape either.


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