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The Top 5 Reasons People Try Vape Smoking

The Top 5 Reasons People Try Vape Smoking

July 01, 2020

The 5 Reasons Smokers Choose to Vape Instead

Vaping hasn’t been around too long, but it has spawned a subculture of its own. There are online groups who exchange vaper vocabulary (e.g., sub-ohming, cloud chasing, and dripping) and YouTube superstars who rack up millions of views. 

A lot of people are curious to try it, as an alternative to combustible cigarettes. If that describes you, you’re likely unsure if vaping is worth the switch.

Consider why others have taken it up.

The 3 Reasons People Vape

  • Vaping is an alternative to smoking in smoke-free places. A lot of cities in different countries have implemented a ban on smoking indoors. Others have regulations on smoking cigarettes in public places, from parks and playgrounds to outside of publicly- or privately-owned buildings. But such places may allow vape vaping

  • Vaping is convenient. Vaping is allowed in selected indoor areas because the flavored water vapors it produces are unlikely to cling to surfaces. Vapers also don’t have to always carry around lighters or other portable fire hazards. Instead, they can just take out their vape pens and puff away.
  • Vaping can turn into a unique hobby. Vaping enthusiasts not only try to master the vapors they produce, from massive rings and balls to unbelievable ripples that defy dissipation. Vape competitions are held across the world as vapers turn vaping into serious business. Other non-competitive vapers are satisfied with collecting unique designs for their kits; the more dedicated ones explore social media platforms for limited-edition devices. The more creative vapers customize their devices, with kits rivaling any chemistry grad’s tools.
  • The RELX Difference

    RELX offers starter kits for novice and experienced vapers. We combine elegant and modern designs with innovative, next-generation technology to provide you with vaping devices like no other in the market. Our pods come in an array of flavors.


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