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What is RELX vape?

What is RELX vape?

July 20, 2020

The RELX Pod System Vape device is a compact and lightweight pen-style device designed for both beginner and veteran vapers. The RELX features a closed pod system with proprietary pre-filled RELX nicotine salt based flavor pods perfectly formulated to provide a smooth and satisfying throat hit.

RELX  product line: RELX classic kit, RELX Alpha, RELX nano, RELX nano 2 and RELX infinity;

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RELX classic kit:

The RELX Classic is a popular prefilled beginner vape across the globe. 

The Classic is a simple device. It’s lightweight and compact with magnetized drop-in pods. It incorporates a standard TPD-compliant 2 mL pod capacity and utilizes FEELM atomization which has a micro honeycomb wicking design. Interestingly, the RELX Classic has a staggering menu of flavors that are actually available. The prefilled pods come in either 3% or 5% nic salt. The pods come in three-packs and retail for $16.99. 

The RELX Classic vape pen is made of aluminum alloy with high strength and endurance. The shell material of cartridge is PCTG produced by Eastman in the US, which is mostly used to make aviation cups, milk bottles, etc. It is resistant to high temperatures and will not release harmful substances, thus you can use it without any worries.

It also adopts a soft lithium battery with a capacity of 350mA and a charging time of about 1h. For a person who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day, it can last for a whole day, 250-300 puffs approximately.

RELX Alpha

RELX Alpha Kits introduced an elevated form of vaping with its advanced next-generation vaping experience. 

The RELX Alpha Starter Kit contains the epitome of this effort, a next-generation vape pen more advanced than other vape kits for sale. It combined modern designs with state-of-the-art engineering to create a device that elevates the enjoyment of the vaping experience.


RELX’s innovative designs set the RELX Alpha apart from other devices in the market. Each Alpha Starter Kit comes with a vape pen with the following advanced features:


1) RELX’s unique α-shaped airways enhance the flavor rendering of the vape pen, giving you a fuller taste. These enlarged airways also simulate draw resistance that is 95 percent similar to puffing on a real cigarette.

2) Its elegant and minimalist designs transform it from a simple vape pen to a luxury accessory. The durable casings come in a stylish black finish or a regal golden coating.

3) Each pen refines vape fluid through 4th generation honeycomb atomizers. This produces ultra-smooth vapor that’s easy on the throat and further enriches its taste.

4) The easy-to-use vape pen also has an airway condensation lock, light-up low battery indicator, and softly vibrates to indicate if you’re overusing the device.

The RELX Alpha Starter kit comes with 2 AlphaPods, with enough liquid for 500 pulls in each pod. Choose the flavor of the pods from four distinct taste options: cool Mint, zesty Tangy Purple, rich Lush Tobacco, and refreshing Ludou Ice.

RELX AlphaPods features one of the most advanced casing designs. Each pod is made from high-quality materials and features advanced waterproofing material to help keep its contents pure. It’s precision production techniques reduce the risk of leakage by as much as 50 percent. Each pod’s structure also blocks all condensation from compromising the integrity of the e-liquid.  

When you take a pull from an AlphaPod, the synergy of the high-quality e-liquid with the powerful atomizing components of RELX vape pens perfectly simulates the inhalation resistance of a cigarette.

RELX nano:

The RELX Nano Pod Device is pre-filled with salt nicotine e-liquid and features a disposable design which is meaning that users do not have to refill their device and can throw it in an electronic waste when finished. With an all in one design and no maintenance required for re-fill give a fully disposable.

Each RELX Nano Pod Device is filled to accommodate approximately 200 puffs and is meant to be disposed of after the life cycle. The RELX Nano accommodates up to 1.4ml of Salt Nicotine E-Liquid with the milligram level of either 30 or 50. Each RELX Nano comes with one per package. 

Like other RELX devices, RELX Nano disposable flavors including: 

Blueberry, Lemon Tea, Ludou Ice, Dark Sparkle, White Freeze, Classic Tabacco. 

RELX infinity:

The fourth-generation RELX Vaping product - RELX Infinity, it was built for the best possible vaping experience with its dual charging system.

RELX infinity 

Coming with a built-in battery that ensures you a smooth and reliable vaping experience. You can fully charge Infinity in 45 minutes, and ready for you in essentially no time at all. Simply click it into the wireless case for charging the infinity device and you can have up to 3 extra days of battery life. 

RELX Infinity was perfected through 59 design experiments and endured testing on over 12,000 pods to ensure leak-resistance and quality standards. 

All aspects of RELX Infinity were designed to deliver an intuitive experience, a Super Smooth mouthfeel, and leak-resistant reliability.  

RELX Infinity also has a built-in SmartPace Alert system to enable you to vape moderately. If you take over 15 puffs within 15 minutes, the device will send a notice in the form of a slight vibration to notify you.

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