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Track Order

Please Track Your Order with Tracking Number

Once you’ve placed your order successfully, you should be able to receive

  1. A purchase confirmation from your payments provider and
  2. An order confirmation from us

Once your order is ready to be sent to you , you should be able to receive a shipping confirmation. You could find the order tracking number in order details or shipping confirm notification email / SMS.

How to Use Your Order Tracking Number

Note: Please check your email and text messages inbox to see if you have already received your tracking number, which is usually sent to you after 5 days of issuing your order confirmation.

If your tracking number does not return any tracking information, it may be for the following reasons:

1. The delivery carrier has not yet received your package.
2. The delivery carrier has not submitted your tracking information.
3. The order number you submitted is incorrect or invalid.
4. The order number you submitted has expired.

Each carrier usually takes some time to process your order information before the tracking information is updated. If you are unable to locate the shipment, you may need to contact the carrier for additional information.

Therefore, the tracking information may not be immediately queried after the package is shipped. If you are not online or unable to find it, you can contact the carrier for confirmation or check it later.

I just placed an order. Why don’t I have my tracking number immediately?

Once we receive your order, the information is received by the logistics wing, who then process your order and put together your order items to send to you, and then forwards the items to the shipping company, which then generates your relevant tracking number. Since this process involves multiple steps of coordination between internal and external parties, it doesn’t happen instantly.